We don’t believe your home should be boring, and we’re guessing you don’t either.


Your story is one-of-a-kind, and we think your home should be, too. When you work with us, you’ll get a fresh perspective of classic midwest design and a team committed to creating spaces that feel like home.

We’ll keep your project organized, on schedule, and under budget throughout the journey. And like the experience, you’ll be able to enjoy a home that is just as effortless and put-together to make memories in for years to come.

From selection and design to procurement, storage, and installation, we’ve got it covered so you can relax in a fully furnished and styled home. 


After the kitchen, the bathroom is a crucial room of the home, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful, too. We’ll help you choose the perfect layout, vanity design, and plumbing fixtures to create the bathroom of your dreams.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and making it beautiful yet functional is our specialty! Let our team takes the guesswork out of choosing the kitchen finishes, from custom cabinetry to countertop selections to lighting and everything in between.


Whether gutting your entire home, adding an addition, finishing your basement, or doing another type of large-scale renovation, we want to be there for you every step. We love to help with all the details, like space planning, lighting selections, paint colors, cabinetry, flooring choices, and everything in between. 


We love to get involved early, working closely with the architect and builder on floor plans, window placement, elevations, and more. When selecting your lighting, cabinetry, paint colors, countertops, flooring, moldings, and other finishes, we pay close attention to each detail and your vision. We’ll help you build a home that is both practical for your family and beautiful. 


To your home, that is, and finally complete that major renovation project keeping you up at night. Even as experts, each home restoration we complete is a considerable undertaking, so we understand that overhauling your home alone can be overwhelming. Let us help you instead.

Just like our first home restoration project, we, too, like to go big or go home.


Interested in working with BSL Studios in a more flexible and cost effective capacity? This service offers expert designed elevations, floor plans, and shoppable selections through a collaborative, but virtual, process with the client.


During the first phase, we'll send you questionnaires, create a Pinterest board, measure the site, and meet with your chosen contractor to ensure we understand your vision. We will develop three 'Good, Better, Best' floor plans, giving us a chance to discuss budget and lifestyle preferences before diving into the project details.



We cover everything from in-depth floor plans and elevations, to lighting plans, to cabinetry, to paint colors, and everything in between. This phase will include multiple meetings to evaluate our proposed designs, work on revisions, and prepare all construction and design documents needed for construction.



Once construction is underway, we move on to the soft finishes. You are not required to continue on to this phase, but it sure is the cherry on top to all of the construction. The soft finishes are furniture, rugs, drapery, pillows, and all other accessories.



How It All Works


We are thrilled to learn more about your project! Once you complete the form below, expect an email from our team in the next 48-72 hours. 


Ready to begin the transformation? Let’s create your dream home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what point of the construction process should I be hiring a designer?

A: While we can come in at any point of the process, it is our preference to start as early as possible! We like to be involved in every aspect of your home, from space planning with your architect to the final pillow fluff. The earlier we can get involved, the easier we can make the process for you.

Q: How do you work with our builder / general contractor / architect?

A: We work hand in hand with the other members of your construction team! From initial space planning with the architect or builder, to budget meetings, to site visits with your GC, we are there. Each of the members of the construction team comes with their own priorities. Our priority is to make sure the design, organization, and layout are just as beautiful as they are practical.

Q: Can I bring in my own contractor, builder, and architect?

A: Of course! You can use any contractor, builder, or architect you want. We will work hand-in-hand with any construction team you find best for your home. If you need guidance on putting together this team, we can give you advice based on trusted contractors and architects we have worked with.

Q: How much does a designer cost?

A: BSL Studios prides itself on being upfront with the costs of our services. So much of the construction industry is “secretive” and we are more “say it like it is” people! While every project is different, we find that our design fees end around 10-13% of the construction budget. For example, if the total construction cost for a kitchen renovation is $200,000 (which is where most of our kitchens start at), our design fees come in around $20,000. We can not only put together an insanely beautiful home for you, but we can save you hours of time (and stress) with our services.


A: We take immense pride in our full-service projects, where we are deeply involved in every aspect. From gathering measurements to compiling all necessary construction documents, collaborating with contractors and the trade team, conducting in-person meetings and site visits, to managing all orders and returns – we handle it all. However, this comprehensive involvement demands considerable time, effort and cost.

Our E-design service offers a perfect solution for those seeking design assistance and selections, and who are willing to undertake more of the project management responsibilities. This approach results in a lower cost for the service. With measurements provided by the client, we curate a floor plan, furniture selections, and cabinetry elevations (if applicable for our kitchen and bath specific projects). We offer one revision round to ensure that every selected item perfectly complements your home. Following the presentation of the moodboards, elevations, and floor plans, we send you an ordering guide giving you precise instructions on what to order for your space.

Q: How do I hire you?

A: We are so excited about the possibility of working with you! Please fill our design inquiry form above and we will be in touch within 24-48 hours!

- Kate Schley, Coach House Homes

“Her vision for design is fresh, and innovative, while still maintaining timeless and lasting style. Sophia's drive and motivation is never less than impressive! She has the ability to see the beauty in homes; and unveils their true potential! We love working with her and the BSL team; they are all driven and deliver a quality product. Lastly, and most importantly, their team is down to earth, and have a respect for how much things cost, which is an enduring quality when hiring any design team.”

“Working with Sophia at BSL Studios, is always such a delightful and inspirational experience.”


"They quickly understood our style to create beautiful spaces that aren’t over designed. I love how they were able to source high end pieces along with budget friendly finds. We are so happy with our newly designed rooms!"

“Sophia and the BSL team’s eye for design is unmatched!”

five star review

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